7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Online Therapy

Many people automatically think of in-person sessions when it comes to seeking therapy. However, did you know that online therapy is becoming an increasingly popular option? Online therapy is a type of mental health treatment that is provided online, typically via video conference, some even add chat. It can be an effective way to get help for a wide range of mental health issues, including anxiety, depression and stress. 

Online therapy can be particularly helpful for people who live in rural or remote areas, but also those who have busy schedules that make it difficult to see a therapist in person. It can also be a good option for people who are uncomfortable with the idea of face-to-face therapy. While online therapy is not right for everyone, it can be a helpful and convenient option for many people.

Here are seven reasons why you should consider online therapy:

1. Therapy online is evidence-based

Some people suffering from mental illness may be sceptical of online therapy, thinking that it could never be as effective as in-person therapy. However, studies have shown that online therapy can be just as effective as meeting with a therapist in person. 

Effective online therapy for anxiety and depression

Studies looking at treating depression, substance use, developmental disabilities and PTSD, found videoconferencing equally effective as in-person therapy in many ways, including satisfaction with the therapeutic outcome, regardless of age, and beneficial for short interventions or ongoing regular consultation.

Furthermore, online therapy can offer some benefits that traditional therapy cannot, such as greater flexibility and anonymity. For many people, online therapy provides a convenient and affordable way to get the help they need.

2. Feel comfortable while at home

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For anyone who’s ever felt embarrassed or too self-conscious to open up about their mental health in person, online therapy provides a much-needed alternative. Rather than meeting with a therapist face-to-face, therapy online allows you to receive treatment from the comfort of your own home. Research shows that people are more inclined to be open about their challenges online.

Therapy online can be especially beneficial for those who live in rural and remote areas, or who have difficulty leaving the house due to anxiety or depression and also for those with disabilities that may impact their mobility. While online therapy sessions may not be right for everyone, those who give it a try often find that it helps them to feel more comfortable and confident discussing their thoughts and feelings.

3. Save time because there is no travel needed to see a therapist

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Online therapy is a convenient way to get the help you need without having to travel to see a therapist. This can save you a lot of time and money, as you can easily schedule sessions around your other commitments and you don’t need to pay for expensive fuel to get you there. You also don’t need to factor in travel time when you book appointments, which can make it easier to fit therapy into your schedule. This flexibility can be a lifesaver when you’re dealing with a busy lifestyle. 

4. Just as effective as face to face therapy

In spite of the fact that online therapy has become more popular over the last few years, some people are still sceptical about its effectiveness. After all, how can you build a meaningful therapeutic relationship without meeting in person? 

The truth is, online therapy can be just as effective as face-to-face therapy and research shows that the relationship builds faster online, for a number of reasons:

Easier scheduling of therapy sessions

First of all, online therapy provides greater flexibility in terms of scheduling and location. If you have a busy schedule or live in a country area, it can be difficult to find time to travel and meet with a therapist in person.

It’s more accessible, you connect with a therapist while at your home

With therapy online, you can participate in sessions from the comfort of your own home. Surprisingly, online therapy can actually be more connected than in-person therapy, because you are more comfortable expressing yourself fully when you are in the safety of your own home.

You’re more likely to share your thoughts and feelings more freely

Whether you communicate with your therapist through text, audio, or video chat, you tend to feel more comfortable sharing your thoughts and feelings more freely. Research shows that we feel less judged when communicating online, which makes sense because if we don’t like the response we know that we won’t bump into that person in the local supermarket.  We care less what others think of us when communicating online.

5. Online therapy is more affordable than in-person therapy

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Unlike in-person therapy, online therapy does not require travel time and costs or child care, which can save money. Therapy Online is also flexible and can be tailored to each client’s needs. Overall, online therapy is a more affordable option than in-person therapy.

6. It’s private and no one needs to know

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7. You’re not limited by location, access from anywhere

Online therapy is accessible from anywhere and because it is not limited by location, it can be done from the comfort of your own home or office. 

All you need is an internet connection and a computer or mobile device and it’s often better for confidentiality if you have headphones. This means that you can receive therapy at a time and place that is convenient for you. Whether you’re at home, at work, or on vacation, therapy online is always available.

Is Online Therapy a good option for you?

If you’re looking for a convenient, affordable way to improve your mental health, online therapy may be a good option for you just be sure to choose a therapist who is appropriately registered and experienced in providing this type of treatment. At Therapy Online, all of our therapists are fully qualified, experienced and thoroughly vetted to ensure your treatment is of a high standard and suited to your particular needs.

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Kerry Howard
Kerry Howard

Kerry Howard is a best-selling author and psychologist specialising in trauma prevention and treatment. Kerry has won two international awards for her commitment to treating PTSD and improving mental health in Australia. In 2021 Kerry won the Excellence in Science and Technology Award for her pioneering work in the delivery of online trauma therapy. Kerry is the pioneer of EMDR Therapy delivered in an online environment. She developed REMDR in 2017 and when the global pandemic hit in 2020, Kerry was at the forefront of training the EMDR world in how to effectively and ethically deliver EMDR Therapy in an online environment. As an EMDR Consultant, Kerry continues to evolve therapeutic delivery by embracing technology. Kerry’s book, ‘The Trouble with Trauma’ provides clear guidance for individuals about how to resolve traumatic experiences for themselves. For more visit: https://thetroublewithtrauma.com https://kerryhoward.com.au