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How Do I Book an Appointment?

You can book a session here. If you have any further questions you need to ask prior to booking an appointment please contact us.

Will My Personal Information Be Kept Safe?

Absolutely. Therapy Online delivers its services on a HIPAA compliant platform, this is not a requirement for online services in Australia, but it is Gold Standard for securing health information and is mandatory for online health service delivery in the United States.

Is It Confidential?

We take confidentiality and privacy very seriously as we understand how important it is for therapy to be safe, secure and private. The information you share will be kept confidential and in accordance with the Australian Psychological Society (APS) Code of Ethics. The only limitation to confidentiality is if there were serious concerns for your safety, or the safety of someone else, the same as it is for face-to-face therapy. In such a case, your psychologist will discuss their concerns with you first.

The Australia Psychological Society (APS) and the Psychology Board of Australia, which is auspiced by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (APRHA), have clear guidelines that relate to privacy and confidentiality.

Therapy Online psychologists safeguard the confidentiality of your information and avoid undue invasion of privacy in the collection of information by:

  • Only collecting information relevant to the service being provided
  • Making provisions for maintaining confidentiality in the collection, recording, accessing, storage, dissemination, and disposal of information

This includes protecting the confidentiality of your information even if they are no longer working with us, or no longer provide psychological services (eg. they retire).

Therapy Online psychologists are not permitted to disclose confidential information obtained in the course of their provision of psychological services, unless:

  • They have the consent of the relevant client or a person with legal authority to act on behalf of the client
  • There is a legal obligation to do so
  • There is an immediate and specified risk of harm to an identifiable person or persons that can be averted only by disclosing information
  • They are consulting colleagues, or in the course of supervision or professional training, at which time they must:
    (i)  Conceal the identity of the client and associated parties involved, or
    (ii) Obtain the client’s consent, and give prior notice to the recipients of the information that they are required to preserve the client’s privacy, and obtains an undertaking from the recipients of the information that they will preserve the client’s privacy

Please see the Therapy Online Privacy Policy for more detailed information.

How Long Does an Appointment Last?

Appointments last approximately 55 minutes.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

This will depend on your circumstances. In your first session, your therapist will be able to discuss this with you further.

Can I Access Therapy Online Services if I Live Outside of Australia?

Anyone is free to choose to access our services, no matter where they are in the world. However, most people are unable to claim any rebate for these services. If you live in Australia and are travelling overseas, you may still be able to access support services whilst you are away, in line with requirements for eligibility.

Can a Young Person or Child Receive Support From Therapy Online?

Young people are quite comfortable engaging through devices, so they often find the experience of online therapy quite helpful. As per most medical services in Australia, if the young person is under 16 years of age then we will require parental consent. There are a number of other resources in Australia that are specifically designed to assist children and young people. If you are a young person under 18 years of age, you should first try to talk to a trusted adult about seeking help - this may be a parent, another family member, a teacher or school counsellor. If you do not have a trusted adult you can talk to - you may wish to contact Kids Helpline.

General Questions

Therapy Online

What Is Therapy Online?

Therapy Online is a psychological service that makes therapy accessible for everyone. We aim to give more people access to therapists, regardless of their location, at a fair price.

What Are the Benefits of Online Therapy?

  • Affordable - overheads are kept at a minimum so we can keep costs down for you
  • Time Efficient - access psychological services directly from your home or office
  • Convenient - fits in with your busy schedule as you don’t have to travel
  • Comfortable - some people may find face to face therapy uncomfortable
  • Easy - you don’t need to worry about traffic or finding your way to a new place

Is Online Therapy Really Effective?

Psychological therapy delivered online has been found to be as effective as face to face therapy. There is quite a lot of research that has been published about the effectiveness of online treatment for a variety of disorders. However, we didn’t think you would want to read boring Journal articles, so we found this HuffPost article that explains the benefits quite well.

Are All Therapy Online Therapists Registered?

Yes, all therapists at Therapy Online are Registered with their appropriate professional body or association. You can be confident you are speaking to a fully registered professional.

I'm a Psychotherapist. Can I Work With Therapy Online?

We are always on the lookout for therapists to join our team. If you are interested in the opportunity of working with us please contact us.

How Much Does Therapy Online Cost?

You pay per session, there are no ongoing fees or monthly charges. The fees can vary between different types of practitioner, but you will pay a similar fee out of your own pocket, regardless of the type of therapist you see.

How Do I Pay For My Therapy Online Sessions?

Our admin team will collect your credit card details when they book you in for your first appointment. The team will then process your payment using our secure payment system on the morning of your appointment.

How Are My Payment Details Stored?

Our secured booking system is used to process payments. Once your card details are collected, our admin team enter the details directly into the payment gateway. After this is saved, we are not able to see the full details again. Our payment gateway provides the highest level of encryption and security. All personal information is maintained and secured in the payment system.

How are Medicare Claims Processed?

For eligible appointments, the team will process your Medicare claim after the appointment. Assuming you have given Medicare your bank details, the funds should be returned directly to your bank account by the following day.

Do I Have to Sign Up for a Minimum Number of Sessions?

There are no contracts, and you are free to choose to end your therapy sessions whenever you like. We know that the benefits of psychological therapy take time and the best results come from building an effective relationship with your therapist. The issues that you are seeking help with didn’t appear overnight, so they are not likely to disappear after one session.

Billing and Account Questions

Technical Questions

Can I Access Therapy Online Sessions From My Mobile or Tablet?

Ideally not, especially if you are seeking EMDR Therapy. If you are specifically seeking treatment for trauma, it is a requirement that you are able to access these services on a laptop or desktop computer. We understand that this is not always an option for everyone, so please contact us if you would like to discuss further.

What Is Online Therapy?

Online therapy uses a secured platform that facilitates video conferencing, which allows you to have an interactive therapy session, similar to face-to-face, without leaving your home or office.

How Do Online Therapy Sessions Work?

You will be sent a secure link to connect with your therapist via video call the day before your appointment. At the time of your appointment you simply click the link and join your therapist in the video session.

What Computer and Internet Connection Do I Need?

You can use any computer as long as it has Google Chrome. You will need a reliable internet connection, as well as a functioning microphone, webcam and headphones for video sessions with Therapy Online. We give you a link to test your system for compatibility when you complete a new client enquiry form.

Does Therapy Online Provide Chat Therapy?

Not exclusively. Chat therapy uses a secure messaging service which allows you to have a chat conversation with your practitioner in real time. We utilise a chat functionality within the video call window (which is good to help resolve any technical connection challenges at the time of your appointment), however we do not provide pure chat therapy.

Do I Need to Create an Account?

No. You simply join your sessions via the link emailed to you prior to your appointment

Trauma Is Normal, Life Is Challenging, but Truly Empowered People Seek To Recover.

We are not a crisis service.  If you are in crisis call 000 (AU) or call Lifeline on 13 11 14 to get immediate help.

If you are in a life-threatening or crisis situation, DO NOT use this site. Call Lifeline on 13 11 14 to access a free 24-hour hotline. If your issue is an emergency, call 000 or go to your nearest Hospital Emergency Department.

If you are in a life-threatening or crisis situation, DO NOT use this site. Call Lifeline on 13 11 14 to access a free 24-hour hotline. If your issue is an emergency, call 000 or go to your nearest Hospital Emergency Department.

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